"We lack enough Asian awareness to realize just saying Japanese words to a Vietnamese person isn’t funny"

Silky Nutmeg Ganache has been criticized for a “racist” joke on RuPaul’s Drag Race

Out reports that a “racist” joke made by Silky Nutmeg Ganache has caused quite a stir online.

On a recent episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Ganache was challenged to read Vietnamese-American queen Plastique Tiara.

In a series of rhyming reads, Ganache attempted to throw in some Japanese.

“Miss Plastique Tiara, I’m truly surprised that you’re still here boo boo, but I think for us all, your elimination needs to come hayaku, hayaku!”

Tiara responded, “what the fuck does that mean?” Silky replied: “It’s hurry in Japanese bitch, hurry and go home!”

“I’m not Japanese!” Tiara responded.

Ganache’s comments were branded as racist for attempting to use any Asian language towards an Asian.

Korean-American Season 11 contestant Soju reminded Ganache that Asians have different ethnicities.

 “I’m Korean and plastique is Vietnamese,” Soju tweeted. “This isn’t about dragging @GanacheSilky this is about educating.  All of us can learn.”

However, Ganache was having none of the criticism. “I know your heritage,” Ganache responded to Soju’s tweet. “But what puzzles me is that reads that rhymes which I did to every girl has become I’m racist. Okay. Y’all can play into that if you want.”

Although Soju conceded that Ganache was not racist, she explained why her comments were offensive.

“You’re not a racist,” Soju replied to Ganache. “It’s just something that should be addressed because again we lack enough asian awareness to realize just saying Japanese words to a Vietnamese person isn’t funny.”

Nonetheless, Ganache still stood her ground. “If she felt some type of way, she could have said something then or now. She laughed and carried on. What you won’t do is use me for likes and views. Stop creating a whole new narrative”

You know I know your heritage as well as @plastiquetiara. It was a read that rhymed and y’all getting all bent for nothing.You know what. No worries. This can be a topic at the reunion.”

Meanwhile, Tiara weighed in simply saying, “Nobody deserves to be hated. We can all take this as a learning experience and grow.”