Yujing Zhang was allowed access "due to a potential language barrier issue"

A Chinese woman has been arrested for entering Trump’s Mar-a-Lago with computer malware

The BBC reports that a Chinese woman carry computer malware was arrested after she illegally entered a restricted area of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.

Yujing Zhang, 32, had told security at the club that she was just going to the pool. Staff allowed her access “due to a potential language barrier issue” after believing she was related to a club member.

Zhang then told the front-desk receptionist that she was attending a “United Nations Chinese American Association” event. The receptionist then became suspicious of the woman.

When questioned, Zhang told agents that a friend named ‘Charles’ instructed her to travel from Shanghai to Palm Beach to attend the meeting. She allegedly was told by ‘Charles’ to talk to Trump’s family about Chinese-American economic relations.

In Zhang’s possession were four mobile phones, a laptop, an external hard drive and a thumb drive with computer malware.

Secret service agent Samuel Ivanovich said in court that Zhang “freely and without difficulty conversed” in English and was “verbally aggressive” with authorities.

Zhang will remain in custody until next week but could face a maximum of five years in prison if convicted.