“I treated this as a real artwork, I did this for art”

A Chinese artist has come under fire for taking naked photos with his late father’s remains

SCMP reports that a Beijing artist who took photos with his late father’s bones “for art” is facing an online backlash.

Siyuan Zhuji, 33, posted the photos on art website Artand on the day after China’s grave-sweeping festival known as Ching Ming.

Zhuji’s father’s remains were being reinterred after his original burial place in Chuzhou, Anhui, was damaged. His father had died of liver cancer when Zhuji was three years old.

The artist then took naked photos with the 30-year-old remains with the help of his wife.

“I treated this as a real artwork, I did this for art,” Zhuji said. “Real art should not be afraid of facing the public or being out in the world.”

“I was also a little selfish, I wanted to realise a dream of mine – to take a photo with my father’s bones,” Zhuji added.

Although he did not initially tell his mother, she was still supportive when she found out.

“She said if the caretaker didn’t have a problem with it, then she didn’t as well,” he said. “She is supportive of my work.”

However, internet users responded negatively towards the artist’s project.

“No morals! If you want to take photos with your father, use his old photos and digitally edit to combine with your own!”said one internet user.

“Why would you expose your father’s remains like that? An evil son. Maybe you wanted to fulfil your own selfish desires or you want to go viral?”

“Young man, disturbing the dead, you will never have a moment of peace for the rest of your life,” said another.

Zhuji’s Weibo account has since been suspended.