"Are Asian women even attracted to their own men?"

BTS fans have rallied together to get a realtor fired for a “racist” tweet

On Saturday, BTS were the first Kpop group to perform on Saturday Night Live.

Garnering over 6 million views already, the group’s performance seems to have gone down well with fans.

However, Variety TV editor Brian Steinberg snarkily tweeted, “if any of these kids are actually singing I’ll eat the backstage llama.”

To make matters worse, real estate agent Brian Hughes weighed in and responded, “They look like kids. How old are they? Are Asian women even attracted to their own men?” 

BTS fans, AKA BTS ARMY, took offence to both tweets but were outraged at Hughes’ “racist” tweet.

One tweeter tracked down Hughes encouraged fellow BTS fans to show his employers (Highline Residential) his true colors.

“Hi everyone, please note @bhny83 aka Brian Hughes is a real estate agent for @HLResidential in NYC. Do you think it’s appropriate for someone who serves such a diverse area to make these kinds of racist comments?  the tweeter wrote.

“Here’s Brian’s profile on his company website. I’ve also included a list of @HLResidential exec contact info. It’s imperative that his managers know what he thinks of his Asian clientele. pic.twitter.com/Pibnlg5x2S

In response, Highline Residential issued an apology and confirmed that Hughes will no longer be working for them.

“We want to apologize to everyone for the inappropriate tweet sent by Brian Hughes. His comment does not at all reflect Highline’s values. We are proud to represent a diverse workforce and clientele. Our relationship with Brian has been terminated,” the company tweeted.

In related news, BTS recently became the first Asian group to reach 5 million streams on Spotify.