Tai and Chan Kin-man have been given 16-month prison sentences

Hong Kong Umbrella Movement pro-democracy activists have been handed jail sentences

Hong Kong Free Press reports that jail sentences have been handed to pro-democracy Umbrella Movement activists.

Those convicted were nine of the pro-democracy activists who led the 2014 Umbrella Movement protests in Hong Kong.

The sentences were as follows:

  • Scholar Benny Tai = 16 months
  • Professor Chan Kin-man = 16 months
  • Reverend Chu Yiu-ming = 16 months
  • Activist Raphael Wong = 8 months
  • Lawmaker Shiu Ka-chun = 8 months
  • Student leader Tommy Cheung = community service of 200 hours to be served in a year
  • Student leader Eason Chung = 8 months, suspended for two years
  • Democratic Party member Lee Wing-tat  = 8 months, suspended for two years

Lawmaker Tanya Chan is due to undergo an operation in the coming weeks for a life-threatening brain condition. Her sentencing has been postponed until 10 June with extended bail.

District court judge Johnny Chan said none of the convicted expressed regret.

“Regret does not mean giving up their political beliefs or demands, but regret for the inconvenience or sufferings experienced by the public,” Chan said. “It is an apology the public rightly deserves from the defendants but was never received.”

“The martyrdom the defendants demonstrated was a contorted one, because the cost… must be borne by the public,” he added.

Chung, 26, said in a statement before the sentencing that those being prosecuted was “everyone who cherishes Hong Kong.”

“We need to understand that the powerful collude within the political economy, and to find the right spot and hammer on it relentlessly. There are no saints to follow on this journey.”

“Still do not give up on Hong Kong, despite the flickering light,” he added.