"I am an American! President Trump save me!"

A Chinese American was heard shouting for Trump to save him as he threw his wife down a staircase.

Taiwan News reports that a Chinese American shouted for Trump to save him after he threw his wife down a Taiwan airport stairway.

Wang, 32, had just lost his job as an actuary in the US when he took his wife and child to Taiwan for the Lunar New Year holiday.

In a heated argument with his wife Chang, 33, Wan stormed off to Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport. When Chang caught up with Wan in Terminal 2, she received a call from her family to come home and look after their child.

Wan refused to let Chang leave and as the two continued to argue down a staircase on the fourth floor, he threw his wife off the edge.

Surveillance footage shows Wan grabbing Chang and throwing her off the landing, causing her to bang against a side wall before landing in a safety net.

Wan then jumped after his wife and fell directly on her. He climbed out of the net to the side of the entrance hall.

When officers came to arrest him, Wan reportedly shouted “I am an American! President Trump save me!” as they escorted him into a police car.

Chang suffered serious lacerations on her head and multiple fractures. She is currently in a coma in the intensive care unit. Wan suffered fractured ribs and non life-threatening injuries.