“We do appreciate all her efforts as one of our top volunteers promoting public participation"

An Asian American Republican group has dismissed alleged brothel spa owner Cindy Yang.

SCMP reports that Cindy Yang, an allegedly brothel owner who took a photo with President Donald Trump, has been dismissed by an Asian-American Republican group.

Yang, was fired by the National Committee of Asian American Republicans on Friday.

“We do appreciate all her efforts as one of our top volunteers promoting public participation”,  said committee executive director Cliff Li, who added that she was dismissed when the committee became “aware of all the allegations towards her.”

Yang’s family owns a number of Tokyo Day Spas in South Florida, which allegedly offer sexual services. The 45-year-old has denied such allegations.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft allegedly solicited a prostitute at Orchids of Asia Day Spa – a spa that was sold by Yang to another owner, Zhang Hua, in 2013.

Zhang has since pleaded not guilty to charges of racketeering and running a house of prostitution but Kraft was charged with two counts of soliciting prostitutes at the spa.

“[Cindy Yang’s] private businesses have absolutely nothing to do with our activities”, said Li . “We wish her well, and hope all [this] media coverage won’t be a major discouragement for Asian Americans’ participation in political processes.”

Yang’s name from meeting minutes have been removed from the group’s website.

On her Facebook account, photo were seen of her at Donald Trump’s annual Super Bowl party as well as photos of her at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort and the White House’s Lunar New Year party.

Yang also contributed US$5,400 to Trump’s campaign fund and US$23,500 to the Trump Victory political action committee.

According to her WeChat biography, Yang was born in 1973 in northeastern China’s Harbin province. She came to the US in 1999 as a student.