The family was also asked to cover the cost of the investigation

A Chinese woman is suing a hospital after finding a hair in her son’s IV drip.

SCMP reports a Chinese mother is suing a hospital for 1 million yuan after finding a human hair in her 4-year-old son’s IV drip.

Sun, from northeast China, was with her son at the Beihua University Affiliated Hospital, Jilin, when the incident occurred. Her son was being treated for pneumonia.

“When the first bottle of medicine had finished and the nurse swapped to the second bottle, I saw there was a hair about 2cm long in the little gourd-shaped tube that the medicine passed through,” Sun said in a video interview. “A whole bottle of medicine had already been fed through this problematic tube into his body.”

The nurse replaced the tube with a new one only after Sun asked her to do so.

Sun and her family are concerned that the hair could have caused contamination. Whilst the hospital said it would investigate the matter, the family were also asked to cover the cost of the investigation – Sun said she “could not accept” it.

“It is my child that was receiving the IV drip in your hospital, and it could cause serious harm to another child if it happens again,” she said. “Who knows if there is any latent illness or how long it might last?”

The Jilin Health and Planning Committee and the Jilin Food and Drug Inspection Bureau have launched an investigation.

An employee at the food and medicine watchdog said, “there is no dispute that there was a hair in the IV drip. This is a fact.”