Ye is known for 'Accident', 'Honour Of The Gods' and 'Eternal Happiness'

Chinese actress and former Miss Chinese International Michelle Ye Xuan has been banned from travelling.

Deadline reports that former Miss Chinese International and actress Michelle Ye Xuan has been banned from travelling by China’s social credit system.

Although not fully operational until 2020, the system gives demerits for infractions to citizens based on surveillance and data mining. Last year, certain individuals and businesses were targeted in its pilot scheme.

Ye discovered she was banned from travelling when she attempted to board a flight last month. She sued for spreading rumors on Weibo but ignored court orders to delete postings and ignored court attempts to contact her.

After not being allowed to board the flight, she agreed to speak to the judge and delete the Weibo posts in question.

The 39-year-old actress is known for films Accident, Honour of the Gods and Ching yi ngor, and for TV dramas Eternal Happiness, Triumph in the Skies and Lost in the Chamber of Love.

Ye is not the only actress to have crossed the Chinese authorities. Last year, X-Men star Fan Bingbing was ordered to pay $130 million for tax offences to avoid criminal prosecution.