"All I wanted to do was hit it out of the (expletive) park"

Sandra Oh has talked about her experience hosting the Golden Globes.

USA Today reports that Killing Eve star Sandra Oh recently discussed her Golden Globes hosting experience.

Speaking to the Television Critics Association, Oh said she the emotions she experienced surrounding the event were “petrifying. Fear. Relief. I was petrified. I was pet-ri-fied! And then I was relieved. And then I was ecstatic.” 

When Oh hosted the Golden Globes with Andy Sandberg in January, she made history by being the first Asian to host the prestigious awards show.  Additionally, Oh also won the Globe for best actress in a drama.

“I don’t think I can explain to you how profound I feel it meant to not only myself and my parents, but for a lot of people in my community,” the Canadian actress said. “Not only the Asian- American community but also the immigrant community as a whole, to be able to speak your parents’ language in a very, very public way,”

She added that the response from people has been incredibly supportive. “I’ve had so many young people in their 20s say, ‘That meant so much to me.’ … there’s so much significance because people have not seen that reflected.”

“All I wanted to do was hit it out of the (expletive) park,” she said. “I knew what it could mean … I knew what that platform could do.”

In other news, Oh also recently won the Screen Actors Guild Award for the Best Actress in a TV Drama.