Jeong's Netflix special 'You Complete Me, Ho' is available now

Fresh Off The Boat producers tried to get ABC to renew Ken Jeong’s TV series Dr Ken.

The Huffington Post reports that the producers of Fresh Off The Boat tried to get ABC to renew Ken Jeong‘s series Dr Ken.

The show centred on Jeong as the lead titular character who balances his profession as a doctor with his Asian American family at home. After two seasons, Dr Ken was cancelled by ABC in 2017.

An an interview with Resonate, Dr Ken cstar Krista Marie Yu said Jeong “pours his whole heart into his work to create the best possible story.”

Executive producer of Fresh Off The Boat, Melvin Mar was seemingly a big fan of Dr Ken and reportedly tried to encourage ABC to renew it.

“[Mar] would go everyday and call the president of ABC and go, ‘You gotta pick up ‘Dr. Ken.’ Renew it and pick it up for a series,” Jeong said. “They really pulled for us.”

In other news, Jeong recently promoted his latest Netflix show by eating spicy wings whilst performing a medical.