Each new Pokemon represents a Chinese Zodiac animal

12 Pokémon have been added to Pokémon GO to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Gamestop reports that Niantic are introducing 12 Pokémon to represent the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals to celebrate Chinese New Year.

From today until 1PM PT on 13 February 2019, these Pokémon will appear in increased numbers. Additionally, catching, evolving and trading Pokémon will be rewarded with special bonuses and XP.

These 12 Pokemon are Rattata (Year of the Rat), Ekans (Year of the Snake), Mankey (Year of the Monkey), Ponyta (Year of the Horse), Electabuzz (Year of the Tiger), Dratini (Year of the Dragon), Mareep (Year of the Sheep), Miltank (Year of the Ox), Torchic (Year of the Rooster), Poochyena (Year of the Dog), Spoink (Year of the Pig), Buneary (Year of the Rabbit).

Shiny versions of Spoink will also be available in the wild to emphasise the Year of the Pig.

In other news, the world dumpling eating record has just been smashed for Chinese New Year.