"There is a chance he might be impeached"

Feng Shui masters and fortune tellers have predicted Donald Trump’s future.

SCMP reports that Feng Shui masters and fortunetellers are weighing in on what the Year of the Pig will mean for President Donald Trump.

Taiwanese feng shui expert Tsai Shang-chi also said Trump could be impeached this year as secrets could be revealed.

“All the bad things done by people born in the Year of the Pig could be made public,” Tsai said. “There is a chance he might be impeached.”

Fortune teller Priscilla Lam, who predicted Trump would win the 2016 election, added that the President should be cautious this year.

“He should take more care in terms of decision-making,” Lam said.

Trump, who was born in the Year of the Dog (1964), was predicted to have a rocky 2018 as last year was also Year of the Dog.

Some are staying positive for Trump’s 2019. Celebrity Hong Kong feng shui master Peter So Man-fung said, “while there are still some residual problems carrying over from last year, dogs will see better luck after the summer.” 

Eric To Chung-yin, a third-generation feng shui practitioner at Wong Tai Sin Temple, shared his thoughts on China-US relations this year: “there is no need to see it as a zero-sum game. Although Trump will have better luck than Xi, this may not necessarily mean Xi will become the lone loser.

“Globalisation brings benefits to both East and West. If the US gets better, China, as the world’s No 2 economy, will also benefit.”

Hong Kong feng shui master Alion Yeo Tin-ming specified a 31-day window in which Trump could be unseated.

“The only chance to successfully impeach Trump will be between December 6, 2019, and January 6, 2020,” Yeo said.

However, ‘Grandmaster’ Raymond Lo Hang-lap said Trump’s impeachment would be unlikely. “In the Year of the Pig, earth conquers water, and the two elements will be in a destructive cycle,” he said. “In terms of international relations, this will mean more conflict and less harmony.”

“Having earth on top and water below is a symbol of peace and relaxation on the outside but with an undercurrent inside. There will still be conflict and disharmony in international relations, but it may be hidden.”

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