Domee Shi was the first female director to take on a Pixar short

Pixar’s Bao has been nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the Oscars.

ABC News reports that Pixar’s Bao has received an Oscar nomination for the Best Animated Short Film.

Chinese Canadian filmmaker Domee Shi was the first female to direct a Pixar short when she created the film.

The short animation, which was screened at cinemas just ahead of Incredibles 2, tells the tale of a Chinese mother and her baby dumpling that comes to life. Last year, Shi revealed that she was inspired by Asian folk tales to create Bao

On Instagram, Shi expressed her appreciation for the film’s Oscar nomination. “Super honoured that Bao made the shortlist for the Best Animated Short Film nominations for the Oscars this year!” She wrote. “Thank you all for your support and curiosity for our quirky lil short. Here’s the last couple drawings I did for this ‘day in the life of mom’ series.”

In other news, Shi recently announced she is working on her first full-length feature film debut with Pixar.