"The Pepcid AC joke, to be honest, fell flat"

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee has criticized a joke made by Sandra Oh at the Golden Globe Awards.

Kim’s Convenience star Paul Sun-Hyung Lee has criticized Sandra Oh‘s jokes at the Golden Globe Awards.

In an interview with ET Canada, Lee and fellow Kim’s Convenience star Simu Liu were reacting to Oh’s humour at the prestigious award show.

Oh, who co-hosted the Golden Globes with Andy Samberg, was praising the Asian community for a successful 2018.

“Asians made over 200 million dollars at the box office… said Asian moms everywhere,” Oh said. “Someone should cut to my mom right now.”

“Cheers to Crazy Rich Asians, you guys deserve a drink,” Samberg responded.

“I gotta take care of my people so they don’t get the Asian flush,” Oh replied. “Garçon, a round of Pepcid AC right there.” A waiter was then seen holding a large tub of ‘Pepsid’, handing out tablets to Asian guests.

“Wait a minute, what’s the Asian flush?” Samberg asked.

“Don’t worry, the joke’s not for you,” Oh replied.

In the ET Canada interview, Lee said he appreciated the joke about Asian mothers but not about the Pepcid AC.

“The stuff with the Asian moms, it’s rooted in a truth,” Lee said. “It’s done in a more of a roasting manner. The Pepcid AC joke, to be honest, fell flat. It’s kind of cheap. The response was far more clever when Andy said he did not understand the joke and [OH] said it’s not for you.”

Liu explained that 50% Asians do not have the enzyme to break down alcohol, causing them to result in an allergic reaction when drinking.

Lee went on to say that he prefers smarter jokes. “I appreciate that joke but as a comedian, don’t cheery pick on the bottom,” he said. “Go up high for the higher concept jokes. If you have smart jokes, as a comedian, I love that.”

Nonetheless, Lee praised Oh for successful night overall and for representing the Asian community well.

“That was the only mis-step that I saw in an otherwise flawless evening for [Oh],” Lee said. “She owned the stage with confidence. She glowed, she sparkled. It was so heartening to see someone like us reflected in such a prestigious event.”

Oh made history by being the first Asian to ever host the Golden Globe Awards.

Kims Convenience season 3 begins to air this week on CBC.