“Every time we take a photograph and share it, it is like a ritual or ceremony"

A Chinese photographer is travelling through time by photoshopping herself into vintage pictures of celebrities.

My Modern Met reports that Chinese photographer Silin Liu (AKA Celine Liu) has been rewriting history with her photograph collection ‘I’m Everywhere’.

In her images, Liu photoshops herself into some of the world’s most famous pictures of iconic moments and celebrities.

Her series features pictures of herself with historic figures including Audrey Hepburn, Martin Luther King, Princess Diana, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, the Kennedys, Chairman Mao and more.

Liu began her series in 2002, exploring the glorification of idols and how we capture history through photography.

“Every time we take a photograph and share it, it is like a ritual or ceremony,” Liu said in her artist statement. “We are lost in this irrational worship, meanwhile emitting an entirely new version of ourselves, or, say we are releasing our pent-up selves; such a process expels the fear and helplessness of the environment, and the original but disordered environment maybe also gives us the freedom and opportunity to reselect our fate.”

‘I’m Everywhere’ was awarded the Discovery Award at Jimei x Arles International Photography Season in 2016.

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