Paper Girls, Saga and Monstress were all created by Asian Americans

Three of 2018’s top-selling comics were created by Asian Americans.

As reported by Kore, three comics created by Asian Americans were in the top-selling comics of 2018.

Brian K. Vaughan was behind two top selling comics. Vaughan wrote Paper Girls (illustrated by Cliff Chiang) and Saga (illustrated by Fiona Staples). Monstress was written by Marjorie Liu and illustrated by Sana Takeda. Each comic features Asian Americans as lead characters.

Saga was the second, third and fourth best selling graphic novel collection in 2018. The comic is a space drama centring on an alien couple and their infant daughter fleeing authorities from their home worlds. Vaughan’s popular sci-fi epic has been praised for its portrayals of sexuality, gender and race.

Paper Girls was the seventh best selling comic collection of last year. Vaughan’s second comic on the list is set in 1980’s Ohio and features four newspaper delivery girls who are drawn into an intergalactic conflict between time-travelling aliens.

Monstress, which was the tenth best selling graphic novel of 2018, also won five awards at last year’s Comic Con. The comic focuses on teenage girl Maika Halfwolf living in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by demons, monsters and half-animal people.