Japanese restaurant chain Amataro has appropriately called their sushi roll 'Devil's Ehomaki'

A 6,000 calorie sushi roll has been created to celebrate Japan’s Setsubun Festival.

Sora News 24 reports that a sushi roll with 6,000 calories has been created in time for Japan’s Setsubun festival.

As part of Spring Festival, Setsubun is celebrated on 3 February and is thought of as an opportunity to cleanse away last year’s negativity and welcome in the new year.

Traditionally, a special ritual known as mamemaki is held, in which beans are scattered and thrown at a family member dressed as an ogre. The beans are thought to drive away evil spirits.

Another tradition involves eating ehomaki – sushi rolls are eaten for good luck.

In keeping with the tradition, Japanese restaurant chain Amataro is offering a 6,000 calorie sushi roll that features a pizza roll. The 50cm, 1.5kg sushi roll is aptly titled Akuma no Ehomaki or ‘Devil’s Ehomaki’.

The ingredients in the mammoth meal are:

● Yakiniku beef short rib meat
● Mayonnaise
● Egg
● Pizza
● Garlic rice (wrapped in seaweed)
● Deep-fried pork fillet cutlet
● Sausage

The Devil’s Ehomaki is available at Amataro branches in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Osaka, and Hyogo Prefectures until 4 February and costs 3,990 yen (US$36).