Stan Lee had wanted Bruce Lee's son to star as the character

Marvel is searching for a director for its first Asian superhero film franchise Shang-Chi.

According to Deadline, Marvel is looking for a director to work on its first Asian superhero film franchise Shang0-Chi.

Shang-Chi, AKA Master of Kung Fu, is a Marvel Comics character created in 1972 who eventually joins the Avengers. The character had his own series that ran for 125 issues and had a love interest with Deadpool’s ex, Domino.

Late Marvel Comics veteran Stan Lee had once envisaged Bruce Lee’s son, Brandon, taking on the character.

Marvel is looking at a number of Asian and Asian-American directors to get involved with the film. Chinese American Dave Callaham will write the screenplay.

It is hoped that the film will achieve similar strides for the Asian American community as Back Panther did for the African American community.