"They call me Yao Ming 'cause my eyes real low (Ching Chong)"

US rapper Lil Pump has angered people in China and America with a racially offensive song.

As reported by The Straits Times, US rapper Lil Pump has triggered outrage in China and America after releasing a song containing racist lyrics.

Lil Pump, AKA Gazzy Garcia posted the song on his Instagram account earlier this week. In the track, titled ‘Butterfly Doors’, Lil Pump mocks China’s retired NBA legend Yao Ming and makes a racist reference to Chinese people’s eyes.

“They call me Yao Ming ’cause my eyes real low (Ching Chong),” Lil Pump raps whilst pulling the corner of his eyes.

Chinese rapper Li Yijie, AKA Pissy, hit back with a diss track titled ‘Fxxx Lil Pump’. Speaking to AFP, the Sichuan hip-hop star said he had to “to take action if he humiliated me, a Chinese citizen, in a rapper’s way that we both understand”.

In his diss track, Pissy raps, “the fact is you and white racists the same/Respect yourself, you’ve suffered the pain / You don’t know anything bout the history / Cuz you a nation of immigrants, and if you really won’t take it serious. Check it out on those Indians.”

Also a member of Chengdu Revolution AKA CD Rev, Pissy triggered ‘CD Rev’s official fightback’ to be trending on China’s Weibo. His track was viewed over 40,000 times before Weibo removed it for the track’s foul language.

“(The Chinese) hip-hop scene wants to give a voice to the public on international news. Rap is our weapon to protect ourselves or to fight,” Pissy told AFP.

29-year-old Shanghai rapper Tommy Sire AKA Geng Tao backed the diss track saying, “I think it’s a good thing for a Chinese rapper to come out and diss back in the hip-hop culture, because this can allow American hip-hop enthusiasts to know that China has such a culture.”

“Although it may not be a positive exchange, it’s a form of exchange to some extent,” Sire added. “This may also cause the Chinese rap circle to be more united because they found a common enemy.”

Asian American rappers including China Mac also retaliated against Lil Pump.

“You’re gonna put some respect on my culture and my fuckin’ people,” China Mac said in a video response to Lil Pump. “You’re gonna take that fuckin’ video the fuck off your page.”

The Asian American rapper encouraged people to comment on ‘Butterfly Doors’ with negativity.

“All we want is respect,” he said. “We just want the same respect everybody else wants.”

Awkwafina also responded to Lil Pump, tweeting, “always nice to hear a new song with a Ching Chong adlib. Guess it’s better than ‘eyes chink’ like some other verses I’ve heard. But can we at least think of some more creative racist epithets?”


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