"Everyone here is at fault. No one is innocent"

A store owner in China has been hospitalised for preventing a boy from urinating by his shop.

Video footage of a shop owner being beaten by a group of men in Pingnan, Guangxi has surfaced online.

In the shop’s CCTV footage, a young boy is seen urinating on a tree. The shop keeper kicks the boy’s leg and shoos him away from the store.

Two hours later, the boy returns with a group of men, thought to be the boy’s relatives. The men aggressively beat the shop keeper and drag him by the neck before throwing him onto the street. He was hospitalised for his injuries.

The video has since made its way around social media.

Some criticised the adults for setting a poor example for the boy. “Children turn out like their parents,” one social media user wrote.

Others argued that everyone in the video was in the wrong.

“Everyone here is at fault,” said one commenter. “No one is innocent.”