AAPI voters expressed "their dissatisfaction with President Donald Trump"

Asian American and Pacific Islanders largely supported the Democratic Party in the midterm elections.

According to Inquirer, Asian American and Pacific Islanders showed support for the Democrats in the midterm elections according to a AAPI Civic Engagement Fund voting eve poll.

Fund director EunSook Lee said the demographic group were not satisfied with their president.“The poll finds AAPI voters are alarmed with the direction the country is headed in and expressing their dissatisfaction with President Donald Trump,” he said. “They are showing their power at the polls and through other forms of participation, which has contributed to the Democratic takeover of the House.”

California, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona were used for the poll that covered a national survey of 70 House battleground districts. The poll was held with randomly selected voters across each state.

“Asian American and Pacific Islander voters headed into the 2018 midterms angry about the President’s words and deeds and clearly rejected the Republican Party’s politics of fear and division,” said Taeku Lee, managing director of Asian American Decisions.

“Continuing the trend of recent elections, AAPIs are now a very solidly Democratic bloc of voters. What’s new for AAPIs in 2018 is the unprecedented levels of civic engagement and voter mobilization,” Lee added.

According to the poll, AAPIs voted for Democrats over Republicans by a margin of 70% to 25%. 63% of AAPI disapproved of President Trump.

The top issue for AAPIs was health care at 33%, economy and job creation 25% and immigration 19%.

“The growing influence of this electorate is being noticed by parties across the political spectrum. In 2018, Republicans and Democrats reached out to AAPI communities in higher numbers than ever before,” said Geraldine Alcid, executive director of Filipino Advocates for Justice.