The track is the second single from the Japanese bands upcoming album Eye Of The Storm

Japanese band ONE OK ROCK’s latest music video reflects the reality of growing up Asian in America.

ONE OK ROCK’s latest single ‘Stand Out Fit In’ has just been released. The track is the second single from upcoming album Eye Of The Storm.

In the music video for the single, a young Asian boy is shown attending school where he encounters racist classmates and social rejection.

He returns to his family’s Chinese takeaway where a group of teens run off without paying as he does his homework in a back room.

As the boy grows older, he makes a few friends and engages in a lifestyle of drinking, neglecting his family duties. One night, he and his friends are victims of a car crash.

The group then break into an afterlife dance routine, with the final scene showing the young boy looking back at his mother.

Eye Of The Storm will be released on 15 February 2019, following-up from their 2017 album AMBITIONS.

ye Of The Storm tracklist:

01. Eye of the Storm
02. Stand Out Fit In
03. Head High
04. Grow Old Die Young
05. Push Back
06. Wasted Nights
07. Change
08. Letting Go
09. Worst In Me
10. In The Stars (Feat. Kiiara)
11. Giants
12. Unforgettable
13. The Last Time