"We got another crash... you guessed it, Asians"

Fresh Off The Boat has addressed the bad Asian driver stereotype.

In a recent episode of Fresh Off The Boat, the ‘bad Asian driver’ stereotype was addressed.

On Friday’s episode titled ‘Driver’s Eddie’, Louis (Randall Park) is seen teaching his son Eddie (Hudson Yang) how to become the best driver in order to combat the ‘bad Asian driver’ stereotype.

In the episode, Louis pulls over to help a family whose car had broken down from overheating. A police officer shows up and assumes there was an accident and Louis was the cause.

“Alright sir, can you tell how you caused the accident?” The police officer asks.

“It wasn’t him,” the man whose car broke down says, before the officer interrupts him with, “you don’t have to cover for him, we all know whose fault it was.”

“His car overheated, I pulled over to help, there was no accident,” Louis explains.

“Normally it’s … ’we got another crash on Sycamore due to, you guessed it, Asians, over,’” the officer says.

He then continues to make a series of racist jokes including a Rush Hour reference, before saying, “I’m not a racist. C’mon, my training officer was Korean.”

Louis then uses the moment to teach Eddie to become “the best damn driver on the road.”

“The officer just reminded me how dangerous it is out there and it’s my job to make sure you’re prepared,” Louis tells his son.

However, Louis eventually learns that he can’t protect Eddie from all the racism in the world. Later in the episode, Eddie reveals that he also receives Rush Hour references.

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