A bottle of holy water filled with lube was found

A Buddhist monk has been arrested for hosting chemsex parties at his temple.

According to Vice, a Buddhist monk was arrested for smoking meth and hosting sex parties in his temple. 29-year-old Master Kai Hung was arrested after police raided his room at Chongfo Temple in Taiwan.

Kai was expelled from Chongfo Temple from his position in September for “behavioural” and “religious discipline problems”. He then began throwing sex parties at the temple, causing other monks to report him to the police.

19 grams of amphetamine, smoking pipes, condoms, anal relaxants, erection medication and a bottle of holy water filled with lube were found.

Police also found two USB drives containing over 200GB of porn that included gay sex videos starring the monk himself.

In a video clip, the monk is seen smoking meth and rolling around on a bed with other men.

Kai admitted to using drugs and filming sex acts but denied distributing drugs. The monk was charged with violating the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act but was released on bail of about $2900 USD.

The monk is now claiming one of his former lovers, who is a fellow monk at the temple, leaked the videos as part of a smear campaign against him. He claims that the man downloaded the 200GB of porn and sent three sex-filled videos to temple authorities. Police are investigating the claim.