"I mean he’s from Canada , what is he supposed to speak , moose?"

An American host was surprisingly impressed by a K-pop singer, even though he is from Canada.

AsAmNews reports that a controversy has been spurred by an American TV host who interviewed K-pop band NCT 127.

In a segment for Good Day LA on KTTV, host Vanessa Borge asked where member Mark Lee was from. When he replied Canada, she complimented him on his English.

Lee had just told an anecdote about his home town Vancouver, before Borge asked where he was from.

“I had a line in one of my raps about a bus I had to take in Vancouver as a kid,” Lee explained, “they took that same line and they actually posted it on the same bus I mentioned in the song, in Vancouver.”

“And you’re from Canada?” Borge asked.

“Vancouver, yeah,” Lee confirmed.

Borge then replied with astonishment, “very cool, your English is awesome, I love it!”

The incident has since made its rounds on social media. “I mean he’s from Canada , what is he supposed to speak , moose?” One Twitter user sarcastically wrote.

“He’s supposed to speak maple syrup,” another replied, whilst another said, “as a Canadian myself, I can confirm we do in fact speak moose.”

“No he is supposed to speak poutine,” one person commented.