"The purpose of the service is to gain 'local experiences' more than a tour"

Tourists in Seoul can now hire their own local Oppa.

ABC reports that tourists in Seoul are now able to hire out their own Oppa tour guide.

In Korean ‘Oppa’ traditionally means brother or friend, but the term is also used for caring handsome men.

Oh My Oppa is a company in Seoul that offers tourists their own ‘Oppas’ that resemble those seen in K-pop groups or K-dramas.

Launched in April, the company claims the service provides visitors with a more local experience.

“We believe the true way to show Korea is through the interaction with the locals,” said Jungmoon Huh, founder of the service. “The purpose of the service is to gain ‘local experiences’ more than a tour.”

Oppas are hired for their looks and their knowledge of Seoul. Sean Han a 23-year-old Oppa tour guide said he brings tourists to local spots. “We are just local friends who bring you to good places like here [Bukchon Han-ok village] or cafes or restaurants — places that only locals would know,” he said.

Tourists are taken to cafes and recommended places but can also customise the tour themselves. The service has already proven to be popular among some tourists – 90% of whom are female.

“I don’t want to do research — I just want to know when I see things, and he can explain what it is to me,” said Chung Hoi Kay, a tourist from Hong Kong said.