"That would be wild but it's never going to happen"

Randall Park has said he would like to see Jay-Z appear in an episode of Fresh Off The Boat.

In a Huffington Post interview, Fresh Off The Boat star Randall Park said he wants Jay-Z to guest star in an episode.

As part of a BUILD Series feature for HuffPost, Park discussed Fresh Off The Boat ahead of its upcoming fifth season.

Having achieved incredible success with the Asian-led television series, Park now wants to see even more representation on screen.

In particular, Park said he wanted to see more working class representation.

“For me, I would love to see more working-class or lower class [stories], because that exists in our community but those stories aren’t often told,” he said.

“There are a lot of communities within the Asian Pacific Islander umbrella that are predominantly more working-class or lower class, and those stories haven’t been told yet, so my hope is that we see the gamut of perspectives,” Park added.

The 44-year-old Korean American also shared what he would like to see coming to Fresh Off The Boat.

Having had a number of 90s throw back celebrities guest star on the show including Connie Chung and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Park was asked who else he would like to see on the series.

“I’m always excited when we have rappers on the show, I grew up on that,” Park replied. “I think it would be super cool to have Jay-Z on the show, that would be great. 90’s era Jay-Z, that would be wild. That’s never going to happen.”

Last month, Park described the lack of Asian American representation on TV as “unfortunate”.