"You're displacing white people"

A family from the Philippines were subjected to a racist New Zealander.

As reported by Indy100, a woman in New Zealand was caught spewing racist abuse at a Filipino family.

Originally from the Philippines, Krizia Egipto has been living in New Zealand for four years. Her family were visiting on holiday in Wellington. The family were in a coffee shop when another Filipino man engaged in conversation with them.

A nearby woman was angered by them and said, “don’t come back here any more. You’re not welcome here. This is only for white people. This country is for white people only.”

Egipto was obviously triggered and responded, “you’re a f*****g racist and a F*****g b***h.”

The shopkeeper asked the woman to leave because “they don’t tolerate those kind of people in their shop,” according to Egipto’s now-deleted Facebook post.

When Egipto and her family left the shop, they encountered the racist woman again, who tells them “you have a country, you’re displacing white people.”

Writing about the incident, Egipto said, “I would never thought that I would experience racism and this kind of situation in my life. But there are still nice people who approached me and gave me a hug because they saw what I did to the lady.”

“Another lady also approached me, gave me a hug and also bought me an ice-cream. Their reaction was very good and they made us feel welcome.”