The Chinese-born American artist turns 108 today

Google Doodle is celebrating Tyrus Wong’s 108th birthday today.

As reported by BGR, Google Doodle is commemorating Asian American artist Tyrus Wong’s 108th birthday today.

Wong is a Chinese-born American illustrator, best known for being the lead production illustrator on Disney’s 1942 beloved animated film Bambi.

Born in Guangdong on 25 October 1910, Wong and his family moved to the USA when he was 10. Keeping to his Chinese roots, Wong remained inspired by Chinese artists from the Song Dynasty. He would practice calligraphy and admired paintings and Chinese art at the Los Angeles Central Library.

Wong would later go on to earn a scholarship at he Otis Art Institute during junior high school. He also formed the Oriental Artists’ Group of Los Angeles with fellow artists like Benji Okubo and Hideo Date.

The artist began his career as an intern with Walt Disney Studios in 1938 before working for Warner Brothers. As well as Bambi, Wong’s works include The Wild Bunch, Sands of Iwo Jima and Rebel Without A Cause. He earned Academy Award nominations for all of them.

To celebrate Wong’s 108th birthday, Sophie Dao presents today’s Google Doodle about his legacy.

“Today’s Doodle was heavily inspired by Tyrus’ paintings of forests, which are atmospheric, blurry, and magical,” said Diao. “They feel like distant memories that have been committed to paper. I tried to imbue the Doodle with this dreamy feeling too.