"She managed to stop the axe making full contact with her head"

A pair of robbers who attacked a Chinese takeaway in the UK ended up in hospital after being attacked by staff.

According to the BBC, two robbers were hospitalised by the staff of a British Chinese takeaway they tried to attack.

Stuart Parsley, 47, and his cousin Darren Parsley, 47, ended up in hospital after a failed robbery of Lucky Takeaway in Lincoln, UK.

Staff member Bee Wu Wong was struck on the head with Stuart Parsley’s axe but managed to fight him off and called for help.

Wong’s husband and son-in-law detained Parsley, whose cousin Darren was waiting outside. Darren went into the takeaway to assist his cousin but ended up in hospital.

Both cousins required hospital treatment. Stuart was released the same day but his cousin suffered eight fractured ribs, four fractured vertebrae and a broken nose.

Mrs Wong suffered cuts and bruises.

Stuart Parsley admitted robbery and possession of an offensive weapon. He was jailed for seven and a half years. His cousin was jailed for 18 months after admitting affray and possession of an offensive weapon.

Recorder Gareth Evans QC, said whilst passing the sentence, “what happened that night was that a family was terrorised by you. You went in to get money and you armed yourself to assist you.’

“The family were courageous. They were brave and they took you on.”

Prosecutor Lisa Hardy said Mrs Wong was attacked after she tried to prevent him from accessing the till.

“He raised the axe in the air and went to strike Mrs Wong,” she said. “She managed to stop the axe making full contact with her head.”

“When the police arrived the defendants had been restrained on the floor and were being held down by the family.”