"I already have a cape"

A hashtag is trending to get Ken Jeong to play Superman.

Twitter and Instagram users are trending a new hashtag to get Crazy Rich Asians star Ken Jeong to take on the role of Superman.

It has been two years since #StarringJohnCho made its rounds on social media. Whilst we are still yet to see John Cho take on the role of Captain America, Deadpool, Doctor Strange or James Bond, the hashtag certainly drummed up support and excitement for the global Asian community.

Now, Ken Jeong has his own hashtag making its rounds. Social media users are trending #kenforsuperman to reimagine the superhero as Ken Jeong.

The hashtag began when Twitter user Gary Boughter tagged the Korean American actor in a tweet about Henry Cavill stepping down from the role of Superman. “If Henry is out as I think Ken would rock that role!” Boughter tweeted.

Jeong responded, “This is so important to me. I have always thought I should be Superman. I already have a cape.”

“Guys, make this happen!!” He added in another tweet. “I have always felt my calling in life was to be a Man of Steel.”

After receiving some support from his fans, Jeong then tweeted, “Look, I’m not telling everyone to break the internet and start .”

Fans then began pouring in, using the hashtag to share their support of the idea.

“Next Superman already bout to be Asian so wrote one fan.

“But let’s everyone! C’mon! We can do this!” Tweeted another.

One recalled the limited success of John Cho’s trending hashtag but still decided to support Jeong’s hashtag. “Alright Will, you’re taking this success a little far,” the user wrote. “Eh who am I kidding?! !!”