“The recognition of self-defence in this case showed the value of suppressing evil'

A cyclist in China has been cleared after killing a BMW driver attacked him with a machete.

As reported by SCMP, a cyclist in China who killed a BWM driver with his own machete, will not face charges because he acted in self-defence.

41-year-old electrician Yu Haiming was cycling in a bike lane in Kunshan, Jiangsu province when a 36-year-old man surnamed Liu attacked him. Liu, who was reportedly drunk, veered his BMW into the bike lane, knocked Yu off his bike, exited his vehicle and began to fight the cyclist

Liu then returned to his car to retrieve a machete before viciously attacking Yu with the knife. Defending himself, Yu managed to disarm the drunk driver and stabbed him with the machete.

Yu stabbed Liu five times in seven seconds, rupturing a major vein and intestines. Liu was rushed to hospital but died of blood loss. Yu suffered a bruise on his neck and torso.

Police concluded that Yu acted in self defence as Liu had put his life in danger and committed serious assault.

“Yu acted out of self-defence,” the police statement said.

Professor Qu Xinjiu, from China University of Political Science and Law said the verdict had not been applied many times in the past but the decision would encourage its acceptance in future cases.

State run media described the verdict as “a victory for the rule of law”.

“The value of the law is to be independent of public sentiment … and make rational and just conclusions,” a commentary from official news agency Xinhua said. “The recognition of self-defence in this case showed the value of suppressing evil.”

“As such, the police have closed the case against Yu,” the police concluded.