"This is the moment I've been waiting for since I was 14 years old

Cloak & Dagger actress Ally Maki has shared her thoughts on Crazy Rich Asians.

In an Instagram post, Ally Maki shared what she thinks about Crazy Rich Asians. Even though she is not involved in the film, she said she “felt the urge to connect”.

Maki said she was surprised with the “overwhelming visceral response” around Crazy Rich Asians.

“I scrolled through my Twitter feed and each and everything I saw was centred around AAPI’s,” she wrote. “Strangers liking statuses, retweeting, saying hi, and giving compliments”.

For Maki, the release of an Asian-led film in western cinemas is a moment she has been “waiting for since [she] was 14 years old an started in the industry.”

“For the flood gates to open,” she continued. “For the wave of change to be undeniably too strong to hold back. For AAPI’s all over the nation to unveil themselves like undercover agents that have been at the ready for decades.”

“Tonight is the first time ever in my life I’m going to the movies with a huge group of people (maybe the whole theater) with people who look like me,” the 32-year-old actress wrote. “To watch people who look like me. Create by people who look like me.”

The Wrecked actress wrote how the film is important to her and her validity. “It’s important to the very well being of who I am as a person. My self worth and validity as a person with ideas and opinions. The things our ancestors risked jumping off steam ships for (my great grandpa).”

“This moment affirms it all for me. Everything I dreamt up in my head as a youngster. IT’S ALL POSSIBLE,” Maki stated.

This is the moment. 🦋 #crazyrichasians

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Crazy Rich Asians is out now in cinemas. Click here to read Resonate writer Joie Ha’s review of the film.

Last year, we interviewed Maki, who said “colorblind casting is a relatively new thing”.