"Was Hitler as rapey as Trump?

New York Times’ new tech editor Sarah Jeong once compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

It has been revealed that Sarah Jeong, New York Times’ brand new tech writer, once equated Trump to Hitler.

Ever since Jeong took on the role of New York Times’ tech editor last week, the young writer has come under criticism for her tweeting history.

Tweets including “#CancelWhitePeople”, “white men are bullshit” and “it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel old white men,” landed Jeong in hot water.

Jeong then released a statement following the criticism, saying, “As a woman of color on the internet, I have faced torrents of online hate, often along this vein. I engaged in what I thought of at the time as counter-trolling. While it was intended as satire, I deeply regret that I mimicked the language of my harassers.”

The New York Times also defended their new writer saying,” the fact she is a young Asian woman [has] made her a subject of frequent online harassment.”

Some also pointed out that Jeong had slammed the New York Times in past tweets too. “I feel really bad for the 95% of the New York Times that already seethes with resentment over their horrible columnists,” she wrote.

In the most recent discovery, Jeong is found to have compared the president of the United States with Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

“I was equating Trump to Hitler before it as cool,” Jeong tweeted in 2015.

In another tweet, Jeong questioned, “was Hitler as rapey as Donald Trump?”

“We are reliving the fall of the Roman Empire but also Trump is Hitler, and charitable foundations are the medieval church,” she wrote in another.

“How fucking prescient was I on Trump – Hitler,” Jeong wrote in another post.