"Thank you for saving my life, I appreciate it so much"

An elderly man in China was seen saving a drowning woman whilst smoking a cigarette.

According to New China, a drowning woman was saved by an elderly man who still had a lit cigarette in his mouth.

The incident occurred when the woman fell into the Han River in Wuhan, China. She had come to the river to wash her aching feet when she slipped and fell into the water.

An elderly man nearby, surnamed Yang, quickly jumped in and rescued the woman. Yang, who is a volunteer lifeguard, was so quick that he didn’t even put out his cigarette.

After he pulled her from the river, Yang was seen standing in the water, chatting with people and finishing his cigarette.

“Thank you lifeguard team,” the woman said. “I never come down here. Today my feet ached, so I wanted to wash them in the river. I slipped into the river immediately after I walked down.”

“Thank you for saving my life. I appreciate it so much.”