Combined life expectancy is 89.37 years for Asian Americans in New Jersey

New Jersey Asian Americans have a longer life expectancy than those in Hong Kong.

According to Next Big Future, Asian Americans in New Jersey are expected to live longer than Hong Kongers.

With 81.7 years for men, 87.3 years for women and a combined life expectancy of 84.5 years, Hong Kong’s life expectancy is actually quite high.

Japan’s combined life expectancy comes in at 83.84 whilst the people in the US are only expected to live up to 78.74.

Nonetheless, Hong Kong’s life expectancy falls short of New Jersey’s for Asian Americans. The city has almost 1 million Asian Americans who are expected to live up to at least 89.37 years. Asian American men have a life expectancy of 90.6 years whilst men should reach 88.07 years.

Massachusetts’ Asian Americans also have a high life expectancy of 89.37.