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Any Londoner will attest that the UK’s capital city is a vibrant and exciting place to live. Rich in history, architecture, culture, diversity and entertainment, London is England’s city that never sleeps. However, sometimes the non-stop lifestyle and swarms of busy-bodies ceaselessly crowding the city can prove to be overwhelming.

Sometimes, even the most hardened Londoner is searching for a break. Fortunately, Thai Square Spa is providing the answer. Located near Trafalgar Square, beneath the the tiresome hustle and bustle that plagues the streets above, Thai Square Spa offers the perfect escape.

Upon entering Thai Square Spa, the sense of calm is instant. The soft-spoken and friendly staff warmly welcome guests and chaperone them to the changing area where they are provided with a dressing gown and slippers. The changing room is small but thanks to the spa’s clever timetable of bookings, it feels somewhat exclusive.

Once changed, guests are taken underground to the ‘Sen Space’. Described as a “rejuvenating space” that brings your body “back into the perfect state of balance”, the area is serene, luxurious and relaxing. Inspired by Thai, Roman, and Turkish spas, its décor is sublime.

After settling down with a warm cup of Thai tea, I was treated to ‘The Gentleman’s Collagen Recharge Facial’. The spa describes the 1 hour treatment as “a superb nourishing treatment using our exclusive marine collagen extract, that’s specifically designed for stressed, mature, and tired skin.” Using a variety of creams with organic ingredients, the masseuse was gentle and tender, but suitably firm when necessary. One hour later, my skin felt refreshed, smoother, and dare I say it, younger. More importantly, I felt completely relaxed.

I was then invited to enjoy the rest of the ‘Sen Space’, which included a sauna, steam room and cold zones. Once again, I found myself alone in the area, making for an exclusive experience. Steam rooms tend to be hit or miss – some should be renamed ‘mist rooms’ due to their weakly dispensed steam, whilst others are far too intense, pumped with an overwhelming scent of menthol.

However, I am happy to report that Thai Square Spa’s steam room found the balance perfectly and was by far my favourite feature in the ‘Sen Space’. Although larger than its sauna and jacuzzi, the room quickly filled with steam and the pleasant aroma cleared my sinuses instantly. Its efficient layout allowed me to lie down and sit comfortably without feeling cramped or claustrophobic.

Although the booking was only for two hours including the facial, there was no pressure from the staff that my time in the ‘Sen Space’ was reaching its end. Instead, I found myself relaxed and revitalised in my own time, which happened to fall within the time anyway.

Returning to the changing room, I once again had the area to myself. The rain showers were perfect in providing a deep cleanse with strong pressure and the shower gels, shampoos and conditioners all felt like high-end products.

Thai Square Spa excels in delivering a relaxing and serene escape from London’s hectic lifestyle. The only thing it doesn’t provide is preparing you to return to the loud, raucous and chaotic streets of London, in which my new-found tranquil zen certainly did not belong.

To make booking at Thai Square Spa, visit their websiteResonate readers who quote ‘Resonate’ when booking any treatment (30 mins or longer) will be given a complimentary iMantara Foot Lotion.

All images provided by Thai Square Spa.