"Was Steven Yeun in Raiders of the Lost Ark?"

Voltron voice actor Steven Yeun has highlighted the importance of diversity on screen.

In a segment promoting his new film, Sorry To Bother You, Steven Yeun reminded us that we need more Asians on screen.

Joined by co-stars Arnie Hammer and Jermaine Fowler, Yeun appeared on a segment for Wired’s Autocomplete series where they were each asked to fill in the web’s most searched questions about themselves.

Yeun’s most frequently Googled questions is how to pronounce his name but people were also frequently asking, “Is Steven Yeun in the Jake from State Farm commercial?” and “Was Steven Yeun in Raiders of the Lost Ark?”

A frustrated but laughing Yeun responds,  “This is why we need more Asian people on the fuckin’ screen, man. Everybody thinks I play all the Asian people on television. They think I play all of them.”

Yeun was asked what his “special message” is. In response, he said, “live your life, be comfortable with yourself, also I’m not all the Asians on TV.”

Sorry To Bother You will be released on 6 July 2018.