"Bring back the Straight White Male Hero"

Online hate group and Star Wars fandom organisation ‘Give Us Legends’ has taken the credit for driving Kelly Marie Tran off social media.

According to Making Star Wars, online hate group ‘Give Us Legends’ has taken credit driving Star Wars: The Last Jedi actress Kelly Marie Tran off Instagram.

Tran had deleted her Instagram account after “months of harassment”. Fellow Star Wars actor Mark Hamill and Asian American actress Olivia Munn both defended and sympathised with the actress.

‘Give Us Legends’, described as a “Star Wars fandom terrorist organisation” by Making Star Wars, released a statement on Facebook that read, “I along with many others (some of whom I inspired) helped force Kelly Marie Tran from Instagram. And it was bloody glorious!”

In the statement, the group celebrated its previous triumphs including “raiding the comments of Star Wars Books from 2014”, “orchestrating the ‘Spoiler Jihad’ of 2015” and the “war against Kathleen Kennedy and her feminist soldiers.” The writer of the posts said these achievements “warms my heart, it really does.”

The post also called for having no more ethnic lead heroes. “Bring back the Straight White Male Hero that isn’t manufactured by a corrupt corporation like Disney,” the post concluded.

Attached to the post was a meme of Tran with the text, “I drove Kelly Marie Tran off social media, I loved every minute of it along with many others in the army #nomoreforceddiversity #giveuslegends #downwithdisney”