"He was racially abused at school and left with no qualifications"

A hashtag is trending on Twitter to celebrate Father’s Day 2018.

17 June 2018 marked Father’s Day. To commemorate the day, Twitter users were sharing their fascinating stories about their Asian father with the hashtag 

Daniel York shared how his father moved from Singapore to the UK,  got brought from tropical Singapore to Birmingham in the middle of winter in the 50’s. He was racially abused at school and left with no qualifications joining first the RAF then doing low – paid manual work before studying to be a photographer”

Twitter user Richard shared how his father escaped the Japanese invasion. “#MyAsianDad 88 yrs old. Fled Japanese invasion at 13 alone from 🇨🇳. Graduated top 5 of his engineering class in 🇹🇼. Moved to 🇨🇦 for his two sons. Devoted his life to us. Humbled by his strength & determination. Proud of him. Proud of my heritage”

Kas Lee described how her father moved to the US at the age of 12. came to the States when he was 12. He went to Mission High in and endured much bullying for being a Chinese immigrant until he somehow won over and befriended his bullies. He went to UC Berkeley on a full scholarship & led the student right’s movement there…1/”

One user took a different approached and shared a touching poem about his father, describing each decade of his life.

Another user expressed how much she misses her father. “There’s not a single day goes by that I don’t think of my dad. It’s been almost 4 years but it’s never get easier. So many things happened since you’re gone that I wish I could tell you and make you proud. I miss you so so much “

Professor Jane described how her father beat cancer. My dad is 86 years old living in Taiwan. He worked as a civil engineer for over 40 yrs to provide for our family of 6. 3 yrs ago, he was diagnosed w/ stage III prostate cancer. Against doctor’s advice, he bravely went through surgery. Now cancer-free! Love you Dad!”

Twitter user Akarin describes how her father moved from Vietnam to Malaysia and then to America. left Vietnam when he was sixteen, spent a week with no food and little water at sea before making it to Malaysia, and finally reaching America afterwards. He and my aunt had no friends or family here, and my father wound up doing menial labor to support himself”