Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan said she was called "a stupid Asian not even born in America"

Chairwoman of the Minnesota Republican Party Jennifer Carnahan has exposed her fellow Republicans executives of making racist comments towards her.

According to The Hill and CBS, GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan has accused her fellow Republican leaders and executive committee leaders of racism.

In a post on Facebook, Carnahan wrote that party leaders in the state used “awful racial slurs” towards her.

“Some (sadly) Republican Party leaders/executive committee members around this state have made racist comments about me, and to me calling me — ‘dragon lady, a ch*nk, a stupid Asian not even born in America’ and other awful racial slurs,” she wrote, adding, “Not sure how these people still maintain their roles.”

She also added that the “daily emails/social media posts” were starting to get to her.

Carnahan was born in South Korea and was adopted by Minnesota parents.

However, the Republican Chairwoman also reportedly defended President Trump against comment that suggested he enabled racism in America.

“If I thought he was a racist or that anything he did was stoking racial divisions, I wouldn’t want to work on his behalf because I’ve had to deal with racism my entire life,” she said.