'White Guy Steals Girl From Asian Boyfriend'

An American Youtuber is targeting Asian girls for his video content.

American Youtuber ‘Explorer Nick’ has a channel focused on picking up girls in Asia. He currently has over 40 videos on his channel, with the majority of them showing him picking up Asian girls.

His first video, released in 2015, was titled ‘Picking Up Korean Girls | Are Korean Girls Easy?’. It has since been viewed almost 70,000 times.

Nick’s videos are recorded through his point of view with a GoPro attached to his head. Viewers are shown Nick’s ‘techniques’ in chatting up Asian girls.

Unwilling Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Korean have all been targets of Nick’s videos.

Little is known about Nick himself. His Youtube channel description simply reads, “Who am I? I’m Explorer Nick an impulsive American travel vlogger living in Asia.”

Some videos seem to offer viewers advice in carrying out similar behaviour. ‘How To Pick Up Thai Girls’ is the title of one video. Other videos are somewhat offensive to those featured in the video – ‘Approaching Brown Girl in Thai Train Station’, ‘Approaching Sexy Thai Cougar Lady’, ‘Picking Up Thick Blue Girl’ and ‘Japanese Girls Are Easy’ are all titles of other videos.

One video is even titled ‘White Guy Steals Girl From Asian Boyfriend’.