A woman in Taiwan who flashed her breast on Google Maps has earned five-star reviews.

As reported by NY Post, a woman posted a sneaky video of her bare breast to a remote road on Google Maps and has since earned hundreds of five-star reviews for the location.

In the 20 second video clip, the woman is seen checking over her shoulder before pulling her top to reveal one of her breasts whilst smiling at the camera.

The video was uploaded to Google Maps on a quiet route along Pingtung County, Taiwan. After going viral on Favebook, the video attracted hundreds of five-star reviews. Some local residents joked they were headed to the village “straight away”.

“I’ve never thought about going there but now I want to. It definitely seems like a lively area,” one commenter said.

“This is a great place!” said another. “I’m not afraid to make a special trip! This is the glory of being an experienced driver.”

According to Google Maps’ terms of usages, pornographic, explicit or sexually suggestive content is forbidden. Consequently, the video is no longer available on the platform.

Google said it was investigating how the clip appeared on Maps in the first place.

The identity of the woman is unknown, but local media reported her to be “western”.