"Dim sum are the dishes, yum cha is the experience"

The Daily Show’s Ronny Chieng has been featured on YouTube channel Fung Bros.

In an episode titled Michelin Star DIM SUM w/ RONNY CHIENG from The Daily Show, Fung Bros sit down for dim sum with Ronny Chieng at Michelin Star restaurant Tim Ho Wan, New York.

Over a variety of dishes including eggplant and shrimp, custard buns and chicken feet Fung Bros sit down with Chieng to discuss his background and breaking into America.

“In America, they don’t care what you do outside of America,” Chieng says. “You could be the biggest Bollywood guy but when you come to America, they’ll stop you at the border and ask if you’re Muslim.”

However, Chieng believes that America media is still the biggest player. “TV in America is still the NBA of TV,” the Malaysian comedian said. “Any time you work in America, you’re taking a step up. That’s why I’m here. All my comedy heroes are from America, all the TV shows I watch are American.”

Discussing his first experience on The Daily Show, Chieng recalled reading brutal Reddit remarks such as, “I hope this guy gets fired from the show,” and “his accent is making us look bad”.

Chieng believes that Asians from Asias tend to be more confident in their identity. “If you come from Asia you know who you are a little better than if you’re Asian American,” he explained. “If you’re Asian American, you’re trying to navigate both side.”

“Is the Asian American agenda supposed to be promoting Asian cultures in America?” Chieng questioned.

Reflecting on dim sum, Chieng believes that culture unifies America. “You can’t hate that culture if you like their food,” he said. “No one’s had the best burrito and said fuck Mexicans, right?”

He also advised people to converse with Trump supporters and not hate them. “How much do you hate Trump? Do you hate Trump enough to have a conversation with a Trump supporter to convince them? Or are you going to yell at them and call them stupid? A lot of people vilify people to get the hits.”