"After we met on Tinder, she lied to me saying she was a virgin”

A Taiwanese boxer has murdered his Tinder date for not being a virgin before committed suicide.

According to The Daily Star, Taiwanese boxer Gary Chu, 28, killed his Tinder date Yee-min Huang, 27, after finding out she was not a virgin.

Chu and Huang met on dating app Tinder in New Taipei City but the MMA fighter soon became jealous of his date after discovering she was not a virgin.

Officers suspect Huang was also cheating on Chu but he ultimately murdered her because she lied about being a virgin.

CCTV footage shows the couple entering the flat on 20 May where Chu allegedly killed Huang before dismembering her and dumping her body in trash bags. Chu was seen removing seven big bags from his flat in the morning of 22 May.

Days after his heinous crime, Chu hanged himself near the Ministry of Health and Welfare Hospital in Xinzhuang District. In a suicide note, Chu claimed “never once hurt her or restricted her freedom” and said “after we met on Tinder, she lied to me saying she was a virgin”. 

Chu added that Huang “wronged” him. He said, “I felt deceived and betrayed when I found out she had been lying and also cheating on me with other men.”

A woman claiming to be Chu’s ex-wife said he was abusive and that he imprisoned her against her will.

Francis, Huang’s brother, noticed she was missing on 26 May and had launched an appeal for her whereabouts, which led police to Chu’s flat.