The incident occurred in Costa del Sol, Spain

A Chinese student is launching an appeal to find a group of “racist Spanish teens” who attacked her.

Dantong Zhang, a female student from Jiaxing, China, posted on Facebook about a group of Spanish teens who attacked her in Costa Del Sol, Spain.

The group allegedly made fun of her accent, hit her, threw cigarettes at her and made a video.

Zhang, who also goes by the name of Iris, is currently studying in Malaga and is now appealing to uncover the identity of the assailants.

One of the students said they were studying at a private English school and could be British based on his accent. The others were described as “Spanish teens” by Zhang.

“Today(29/04/2018) I was taking the first train from Fuengirola to Málaga at 06:10, there were someone(a group of Spanish students) keeping hitting me on my head from the back seat, made fun of me, insulted me and at the same time making a video,” Zhang wrote in the post. “And one of them even smoked in the train and throw cigarette to me.”

“They had already on the train when I got on from Fuengirola, and after I sat down I just fell asleep. They were making a scene at the train like singing loudly, smoking, imitating the way Asian talk in a insulting way and stuff. I had no contact with any student sitting around me(there are around 15 of them), not even an eye-contact.”

“But out of a sudden, someone hit me on my head, at first I thought it’s intentionally, but the second time I noticed the boy sitting opposite to me was taking a video, so I told them to stop. But they didn’t. They did it at least 4 times.”

“I have already called the police, but I still need your help. If you were also at this train and saw what happened or if u know the one who bulled me, it will be highly appreciated if you can contact me.”

“They are Spanish kids aged around 15, one of them said they are studying at a ” private English school” and his English has an British accent. I took a photo(below)of the boy who hit me, and he hopped off the train at 06:26, Arroyo de la Miel.”

“This kind of behavior is unacceptable, and also racist. That’s why I decided to stand out and fight back. Just like what I did at the train.”

“At last, I want to express my gratefulness towards everyone who has helped me today,especially a girl from Malaga. And also to the girl who stood out for me and then sat next to me to protect me.Thanks for your help!”