"This “joke” is so dated, it’s so 1980s"

American restaurant chain fresh&co has changed the name of its ‘Miso Lucky Bowl’ after being called out for racism.

According to Insider, American restaurant chain fresh&co’s ‘Miso Lucky Bowl’ will be given a new name after the restaurant was accused of racism.

Twitter user Martin Hui was the first to flag up the restaurant’s dish on social media. “Hey — it’s 2018 and casual racism isn’t cool anymore,” Hui wrote. “Fix this.”

Other Twitter users agreed that ‘Miso Lucky’ was offensive as it references the exploitation of Asian women.

The phrase “me so horny”, which the name of fresh&co’s dish was inspired by, was made popular by the 1987 film Full Metal Jacket. Set during the Vietnam war, the scene in question shows two white American soldiers being approached by a Vietnamese prostitute who says, “me so horny. Me love you long time. Me sucky sucky.”

Korean-American writer Dakota Kim tweeted that the phrase continues to be used against Asian women today.    “This phrase has been said to me on the street by men harassing me,” she wrote. “It’s been cracked to me as a joke. I’ve held my head high in life despite this haranguing.”

“Women’s bodies by men like you? And the celebration of that colonization?” Kim said in another tweet. “I’m saying no.”

Consequently, fresh&co were called out by Twitter users to change the name of their dish.

“It was never cool,” wrote one user. “Fix it now & find out who on your team proposed & greenlit this mess.”

“Racists always turn it around and claim victimhood when we point out their discriminatory practice.” said another. “I am so f’ing tired of it. They need to get a clue especially in NYC. This “joke” is so dated, it’s so 1980s.”

One user wrote, “it’s 2018. Could we at least all agree that puns on “me so horny” for “Asian things” are racist and lazy, and that for so many reasons they just need to stop?”

After being contacted by Insider, fresh&co confirmed they will be changing the name of their dish. “The fresh&co team were not aware of the historical implications and are so thankful that you flagged them,” a representative said. “They are a tolerant and progressive company and apologize for any offense they may have caused.”

“They are currently in the process of changing the name company-wide. Rest assured that this will not happen again.”