"There’s so much about whitewashing and Asian-Americans in Hollywood"

Margaret Cho has discussed her new show Fresh Off the Bloat.

In an interview with TIME, comedian Margaret Cho has discussed her new stand up tour Fresh Off The Bloat.

Cho revealed that her show, which will also be performed in Asia, features content covering feminism, discrimination and Asian American culture.

“There is so much talk about #MeToo and Times Up, both movements which I think are incredibly pivotal in so many women’s lives and people’s lives,” Cho says. “I have so much to say about it. And this tour is very Asian-American focused.”

“There’s so much about whitewashing and Asian-Americans in Hollywood. That’s a big thing, too. So I’m really enjoying that I get to bring it [to Asia] now.”

The 49-year-old added that Asian American representation is improving in Hollywood. “There’s no way Hollywood can justify casting Scarlett Johansson or Tilda Swinton [in Asian roles],” Cho said. “They can’t. And when they do, they see those movies fail miserably.

“I think Hollywood is really starting to understand that they can’t do that kind of stuff anymore. We’re going to see a lot more Asians and Asian-Americans on the big screens.”

Cho said Asian Americans need to be louder like Lil Tay. “I’m getting a lot of inspiration from Little Tay, like this 9 year old kid who’s just telling everyone off and getting her mother fired,” she said. “That’s how we have to be. That’s the future.”

Cho also shared her experience about doing comedy with Trump as president. “It’s crazy doing comedy with Trump in office,” she said. “There’s people who get in trouble for things like Kathy Griffin. For such a laughable president, he has no sense of humor about himself at all.”

“Comedy really does help to process it all. But it’s really bizarre. Comedy in general has become a lot more vital. And a lot more women’s voices have been so prevalent. There’s a lot to say. It’s a great time for comedy.”

The comedian praised The Daily Show’s Michelle Wolf, who delivered the roast at the White House Correspondents Dinner. “I thought Michelle Wolf was great,” Cho said. “I thought, this is exactly what should’ve happened. And perfect, and so funny, and so righteous. [The White House Correspondents’ Dinner] is the hardest thing for a comedian to do.

“It’s one of those things that fills all of us with dread, like that’s the one gig you don’t want to do, especially in a Trump presidency. But she did amazing. I’m a really big fan.”