"She looks like a zombie with those eyes"

An Asian cosplayer has been trolled with horrific racist abuse for dressing up as Ellie from The Last Of Us.

As reported by The Metro, an Asian cosplayer who dressed up as Ellie from video game The Last Of Us has suffered racist attacks for her Caucasian costume.

Released in 2013 by video game developer Naughty Dog, The Last Of Us is one of Playstation’s most successful games to date.

Featuring lead characters Ellie and Joel, the game immerses players in a post-apocalyptic (and obviously fictional) USA.

One Asian fan, known as Bleu, decided to cosplay as Ellie and share her costume with Naughty Dog’s social media platform. However, she soon received a torrent of abuse for dressing up as a fictional Caucasian character.

“Looks like Ellie got down syndrome,” one comment read.

“Since when is Ellie a Chinese autistic 20 year old dwarf,” one person wrote.

“She looks like a zombie with those eyes,” read another comment.

“She looks like Smigel [sic] from Lord of the rings,” another person wrote.

Supporters of Bleu have asked Naughty Dog to take action against the abuse, but the developer is yet to respond.

“You’re allowed to say you don’t stand by abusive and racist behaviour,” tweeted one social media user. “Game developers, if you share a cosplayer, please stand by them and protect them from shit like this.”